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Objective of IC Automatic Burn Testing Machine

IC automatic burn testing machine is mainly designed for burning ICs of factories and design companies. This scheme has solved the defects of low efficiency and high defective rate in most of factories who use artificial burning at present, and meets the requirements of factories and design companies on the cost of production tools. At present, our company is mainly equipped with DIP300mil, SOP300mil, SOP150mil, SSOP300mil and other IC packaging burning machines. ICs from different manufacturers can be burned when programmers of different manufacturers are replaced.
An IC to be burned can be put into a feed tube every time.
After the completion of burning, the burnt ICs, namely two discharge tubes, are classified according to OK and NG signals given by a burning device.
The parameters of the machine are convenient to adjust. According to appropriate parameters, the machine can run more smoothly, and the production efficiency can be improved.
Before delivery, parameters set by the machine are suitable for most of burning devices. Parameters before delivery can be recovered when the set parameters cannot ensure smooth operation of the machine.
Due to the differences of packaging, the IC quantity of every tube can be set when the tube is full.
When burning NG occurs, another burning should be conducted again. NG can only be determined when it occurs for two times.
The OK and NG quantity in the process of burning ICs can be recorded. The quantity cannot be lost after power failure, facilitating in production management.
The machine is equipped with an LCD for displaying, as well as a friendly user interface.
It is suitable for burning ICs of many customers, with a wide application range.
The machine is prevented from using air sources, is convenient to use, and can burn two ICs at a time, which improves the production efficiency substantially.