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New View of IC Burning

With the increase of OEM manufacturing activities of China semiconductor enterprises, engineers are not strange at the process of burning IC chips. At the early stage, burnable IC mainly refers to EPROM which can clear data by UV rays, with a small using amount. However, in recent years, various burnable ICs such as EEPROM, Flash, single-chip controllers, PLD, SPROM and NAND Flash IC come out in succession, and the volume, functions, power saving, reliability and other aspects of various information, communication, home appliance and handheld electronic products are improved substantially, which partially give the credit to the enhancement of burnable ICs.
To prevent the information of new products from leaking or ensure the maximum elasticity of stocked parts, the data area of the above various burnable ICs delivered from semiconductor manufacturers is blank, and control programs and data with the latest edition will be written by an IC burning device at the last moment before assembly, which is an essential procedure more posterior than IC test at the later stage and is generally executed by the final manufacturer.
At present, there are a great variety of burnable ICs and burning methods, equipment changes a lot and is difficult to grasp, and burning demands generally involve short-time orders and rush orders, thus resulting in the generation of professional burning OEMs. Shenzhen Prosystems Electronic is an enterprise supplying one-stop services including IC burning R&D/volume production tools/equipment, IC burning on behalf of consumers, etc. Manager Tang of Prosystems Electronic introduced that OEM burning not only is high in accuracy and safety but also has the most important characteristics of cost saving, high efficiency and quickness.